The Best Practice Advice in the World 2

After many years of teaching, and hundreds and hundreds of students, I can say with complete certainty that this is the best practice advice available.

It is simple, reliable, and when executed will improve your playing many times over.

This method can be implemented regardless of age or skill level.

More than any other factor, this method correlates to success at the piano. And further, those who rarely implement this technique show markedly less improvement than those who do.

In fact, in all my years of teaching, I can say that students who implement this method are *gaurunteed* to surpass those who don't many times over.

This technique has been used by successful concert artists for hundreds of years with incredible results.

I am giving this advice, confirmed by years of hard work and an enormous amount of real-world data, to you the reader for no fee. Are you ready?

This practice technique is as follows:




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