Private Piano Lessons

Update: I am currently accepting a very limited number of video consultations. Also please have a look at my paid courses here, or the free lessons offered (links in the sidebar). If you are interested in online lessons or consultations please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page. -Matt

Piano Students
With my student Sarah after her admission into the graduate program for piano performance at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

– Who are lessons for?

I teach students at literally all levels, from complete beginners through very advanced pianists. If you are interested in lessons, please submit the form on this page. I will reply with further information and my suggestions.

– How do video lessons work?

If you are just beginning, we will start with an initial check-in, which involves answering several questions over e-mail. Based on these questions I will be able to get a sense of where you are in your studies. I will then ask you to record some material for me which we will use in our first lesson. Rest assured, all recordings and material you submit are kept completely private. The goal is not at all for you to play perfectly, but simply for me to get a sense of how I can help. (I reserve the right to publish my responses, but these will not reference you or contain anything you upload or submit.)

You can privately upload and share with me any audio, video, or questions over text you might have. After you upload your materials, I will respond (usually within 48 hours) with video, audio, or text of my own. Usually a mixture of these things, depending on what I think will be most helpful for you. A typical response would include a video of 5-15 minutes or more as well as typed notes and practice suggestions from me. With recurring students I tend to check up on your progress during lessons, and make practice suggestions for the next lesson.

You can view and review this material as many times as you like in your private account. It is as though you are having a special course designed just for you.

– What is your teaching style like?

No matter what your level or goals, you will find my teaching style to be extremely warm and friendly but focused. Many students report that they learn more with me in one lesson than they often learn in several lessons.

Unlike many courses and teachers you might encounter online, I have successfully taught hundreds of students at literally every level. These include complete beginners through very advanced players. I have taught adult students who know literally nothing about music, my advanced students who have auditioned for undergraduate and graduate programs in conservatories around the world, and everything in between.

– How Does Scheduling Work?

If you are interested in lessons, simply fill out the form below and I will respond with a suggestion about how to proceed. I must give precedence to current regular students who study with me on a weekly basis.

If  lessons are purchased, an account will be created for you within 1 week (usually much less time).

Once a lesson is scheduled for you, you will have 4 days after the scheduled date to upload whatever material you would like me to review. I will then respond to your material within one week (usually less).

Remember, lesson materials do not need to be “perfect”. The idea is to give me a sense of your questions, progress, how I can help, etc. The goal is to help you and your submissions are never shared with anyone.

Please note that there are no reschedules or refunds for lessons. 

– Pricing

Pricing is based on the amount of material you upload for me to view in our lessons. Pricing does not vary with the length of my response. I think you’ll find I try very hard to be thorough in my response and consistently have very satisfied students.

– Online lesson prices

First Lesson Assessment (includes initial questionnaire, an e-mail followup from me, and a further response to any materials I ask you to submit): $125

Single Basic Lesson (10 minutes of recorded material from you or less and my response): $100

Single Advanced Lesson (20 minutes of recorded material from you or less and my response): $180

Packages for recurring students:

4 Basic Lessons: $320

4 Advanced Lessons: $576

(Blocks of 4 lessons must be scheduled within 40 days of each other.)

Very Advanced students who need to upload more than 20 minutes of content, please e-mail me using the e-mail link at the top of this page.

To get started, fill out the form below and I will respond with my suggestions on how to proceed:

"There is absolutely no comparison between Matt McLaughlin and anyone else! He is, by far, the best and most dedicated teacher I've ever come across."
Piano Lessons
Mary A.
"If you are not already convinced by his credentials, you will find out very quickly that Matt truly knows his craft inside and out. Tremendous value for the lessons. I probably shouldn't say this, but I would gladly pay double the current rate. Above all else, you can just tell right off the bat that Matt is a nice guy. I genuinely look forward to my lesson each week!"
Shaun S.
"Matt was a great help throughout the long and stressful college audition process, and I felt very prepared and confident. I can proudly say that, with Matt’s help, I completed successful auditions at the San Francisco Conservatory, the Oberlin Conservatory, the Peabody Conservatory, UT Austin, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. I owe a great deal to Matt for getting me to where I am today, and I would strongly recommend him without question to anyone with a love of music looking to study piano."
Online Piano Lessons
Trevor V.
Piano Lessons

Matt speaking to a packed house at the Austin Piano Festival.