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Piano Courses

Besides all of the free content on this website, I offer two paid courses: 

Both of these courses are derived from over 20 years of teaching at all levels and have many happy members:

Fundamentals of Piano Technique

Fundamentals of Piano Technique is a technique course that is meant as an addition to a current course of study. (These are not stand-alone piano lessons.) It has been used by beginners through advanced pianists to help hone their piano technique. Most users of this course use it over the course of multiple years in addition to their current study.

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Just Starting the Piano? Try My Beginning Piano Lessons!

Piano Lessons 1-9 PLUS Bonus Technical Material 

This package includes the 3 free lessons (1-3), ALL of the material below, plus two bonus modules from my “Fundamentals of Piano Technique Course”. An incredible value! Click here for detailed information.