Buying a Piano Guide – FAQ 2

The Big Buying a Piano FAQ A lot of people have a lot of questions when it comes to buying a piano. And for that, let us introduce the Piano Blog Big Buying Piano Questions page! Have a question? Just contact us on social media and we’ll add it to […]

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Why you should always write in piano fingerings! 1

Here’s a bit of a wandering about on why fingerings are SO important at the piano and why you should always write them in during your practice. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to watch “Why you should always write in piano fingerings!” If you like this video please […]

Cross Hand Jumps and Arpeggios

In this video I discuss several aspects of practicing cross handed patterns at the piano, such as those involved in a two handed arpeggio. This includes, quick jumps, hand alignment, hand choreography, and many other topics. I hope you enjoy! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here. […]

Le Sapin (The Spruce) by Sibelius

Le Sapin, or the “The Fir” or “The Spruce” is from a larger set of 5 piano pieces called The Trees (Op. 75). We don’t often think of Sibelius as a piano composer, but he has some real gems that are extraordinarily beautiful and ought to be heard more often!

Mistakes at The Piano

Like it or not, you’re going to make mistakes. A lot of them! But mistakes at the piano can either be the best way to learn or leave you feeling frustrated and stalled. The difference? That’s what I talk about in this video!

Sound Control at the Piano

Voicing and Sound Control at the Piano 4

Voicing at the piano means the ability to play one note or notes louder than others. (There are other uses of the term, by the way.) Developing voicing and sound control at the piano is one of the clearest signs of an accomplished pianist, but also one of the most […]

My “poor” but happy friend

A boy in Africa offers me a gift he made on the side of the road Everything is a matter of perspective. I have a dear friend who lives in a developing nation, and by many standards many people might consider him extremely poor.  Once he told me “Matt, I should […]

Pause Practice for Piano Technique 2

Pause practice is a GREAT technique to add to your arsenal of piano practice. In this free video I cover: – What is pause practice? – Why slow practice doesn’t always work. – How to correct a bad technical habit. – An example of me correcting a bad physical habit […]

Study Piano? What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

I recently had a student start her journey as a piano major in college. It’s always very gratifying when a student goes on to study piano. But as a teacher you also know that there’s a long path ahead. So over the years I’ve come up with a loose list […]

Studying Piano Advice

Confused by Piano Keys? 1

Here’s the Biggest Mistake I see when people start learning piano keys. Check it out: If you want a step-by-step approach to learning the piano from scratch, make sure you check out my Free Beginner Piano Lessons. Want to learn piano but don’t know where to start? I’ve taught hundreds of […]