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September 17, 2010


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Sam P

First, you can't be too involved with alcohol. Friends, perhaps. :)

Interesting question. I'd say, as it's a field that demands excellence and high intellectual focus, and is the repository of some of the most profound expressions of human emotion, it ATTRACTS snobs! And we're not talking the players or composers. (We all know they're superior anyway.) We're talking the groupies, who don't know how to fart properly. And the journos.

I think the levity you find among the musicians is that simple joie de vivre on the other side of hours of serious focus. Serious focus coming up for air. Having a beer and a steak.



Hi Sam -- Well my relationship is a bit too friendly sometimes.

I think you're right about musicians "coming up for air". There's a definite work hard, play hard mentality. I think its also more socially acceptable for people in the arts to be, well, weird, so we feel more free to be "expressive" just out of habit.


I think it may be a holdover from classical's roots, when what we now identify as "classical" music was commissioned by the rich and powerful. Contrast that with rock, gospel or folk which have their roots among the commoners. The differences are still hardwired in our culture.


Hi Sparky - No doubt. People still associate classical music with a certain socio-economic status. I wish that were true, I could use the cash.


What Sam P said, and, because of things like 12-tone music.

James Harding

I agree with Matt. It'd be great if a classical piano training actually made you wealthy, cultured and refined. I could use more of all those things! lol

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