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Do you want to improve your piano technique?

I’ve taught piano now for twenty years – with literally all levels and ages of students . . . from complete beginners through extremely advanced conservatory-level pianists.

I can tell you: you aren’t alone in your questions and difficulties.

After many thousands of hours working with students and thinking about piano playing and technique, certain patterns emerge. You start to notice that some people find a natural, fluid, relaxed technical ease at the piano – and that these people share a common approach and set of fundamental movement patterns.

withdavidWithout learning this basic approach, your chances of real technical success at the piano are limited!

That’s why I created this completely free technique course exclusively for PianoBlog readers. It’s a distillation of many of the concepts I’ve learned in years of teaching. These concepts apply whether you’re a complete beginner, an advanced pianist, or anything in between.

In fact, this is the exact same material I would teach you in one-on-one lessons, regardless of where you were in your musical development.

In these free technique lessons we cover:withbella

  • Posture and Relaxation
  • Hand Structure
  • Fingers 3-4-5
  • Control of the Key
  • Hidden Movements in Piano Technique

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