Free Piano Lesson Number 1

Welcome to Piano Lesson Number 1!

Hi Everyone! There’s a lot of info on this first lesson page. Feel free to take your time, but not TOO much time because your second piano lesson will arrive in your e-mail shortly 🙂

If you’ve already learned the names of all the white keys, you can skip to the second video below, but I’ve started with a review of the white keys in case you haven’t seen it:

Click Here to Download Your Key Name Chart!

Next . . .

It’s time for your White Key Quiz! Are you ready? Don’t worry you won’t be graded. Remember that I move fast in this video – so if you need to pause to think about the key names please do!

Now that you know your notes, we need to talk about finger numbers and hand position. Make sure you understand this video before we learn the Ode to Joy:

Now you’re ready to start learning the Ode to Joy by Beethoven! Take your time with the video below and remember to repeat in small bits until you feel comfortable.

That’s all for today! Watch out for your next lesson soon, where we’ll learn about counting, rhythm, and finish our Ode to Joy!