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Who Is Matt?
My name is Matt McLaughlin and I'm a professional piano teacher of 2 decades and founder of PianoBlog.com. I've taught for twenty years at all levels and ages, including hundreds of beginners just like yourself.  In these free piano lessons I'll teach you just like I've taught hundreds of adult students just like yourself.

"learn from me just like hundreds of adult beginners!"
- Matt McLaughlin - 
Lesson 1: White Key Names and Ode to Joy
In your first free lesson, we'll get started right away learning the basics of the piano. I'll teach you the names of the white keys, finger numbers and hand position, and we'll start learning Beethoven's Ode to Joy!
Lesson 2: Counting and More Ode to Joy
In Lesson 2 we jump right into counting music! You'll learn about whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and more, and I'll tell you exactly how to practice counting them. You'll also learn some pro-tips on posture at the piano. And of course we will finish learning how to play our Ode to Joy melody.
Lesson 3: Technique and Adding Left Hand Chords
In Lesson 3 you're going to learn some secrets of piano technique that many piano teachers don't even know! Not to mention you'll learn about left hand chords and start putting them with your Ode to Joy right hand. You'll be amazed at how quickly you're able to play hands together!
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