Music Studio Website: How to Make a Simple WordPress Page

Today we have something for the teachers reading, or I suppose anyone who would want to build a website. This is the second video I've made about getting your website up and online. (You can view the first video on how to get started with WordPress, including written instructions, by clicking here.) This current video is actually part of my larger project of getting the entire text of Music Studio Success online and open to the public, where I think it will help as many people as possible. If this video is up your alley, I hope it is helpful:

Recording your Piano Practice

Piano Practice Recording
Enrico Caruso Listens to Himself
Something that's come up a couple times today in my teaching is the use of video or audio-recording to help in piano practice.

Not only does recording yourself help you self-teach, it focuses you on the most crucial component of your playing: your sound. Sometimes I see younger students look up at me for approval, or beam their vision on the score in front of them. They are using their eyes, but not their ears! They look for my approval, but need to learn … Continue Reading ››

What is Your Pre-Performance Checklist?

Piano and FlyingWhat do you do before you play? Do you find that you or your students often start a piece only to ask half-way into the first measure what the tempo, dynamics, or character is? If so you may want to make yourself a pre-playing checklist. I use the term "checklist" because it's what a pilot does before takeoff - checking all of the elements of the plane to make sure nothing is out of whack. If you miss a step in your pre-performance checklist, you might not realize until after liftoff. Your … Continue Reading ››

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